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Lakeside Statewide Art Reception

14 Mar

deep red floral blooms on burnt umber stalks

For those who are local to Central New York, please join me on Saturday, March 18th from 6-8 p.m. for the Lakeside Statewide Juried Art Show Reception.  Information below.

March 18-April 23, 2017

The Lakeside Statewide Juried Exhibit by the Art Association of Oswego will be open March 18-April 23, 2017.  Reception will be Saturday, March 18th, from 6-8 p.m. at the Oswego Civic Arts Center, East Fourth Street (in the former Fort Ontario Quartermaster’s Building, directly across from historic Fort Ontario).  For more information, go to www.oswegoarts.org

Painting on the Edge

29 Dec


“Three Dancers in Yellow Skirts” by Edgar Degas c. 1891

Degas is one artist that is widely recognized to be among the first to break from traditional composition with his arbitrary edges.  Similar to how a photograph has edges which cut the broader landscape, Degas makes a sharp cut in his painting, “Three Dancers in Yellow Skirts” above.  Of course edges in a painting are far less arbitrary due to control by the painter, but I see this as a fun challenge and a great opportunity for experimentation and creativity.

Harvest Time Show

14 Oct

Harvest Flowers in Vase, Watercolor by Katie Turner

For local art enthusiasts, come join me for the Central New York Art Guild Semi-Annual Fine Arts Show at the Aspen House in Radisson NY.

I’ll be demonstrating some of the techniques and paper I use in my paintings throughout the day Saturday.
Saturday October 15th, 2016 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Sunday October 16th, 2016 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Enjoy the beautiful works of art by the Central New York Art Guild including watercolors, ceramics, pastels, oil paintings, photography and more.

Free Parking and admission, light refreshments served.

Artwork donated by Karen Goldman, Liliya Lifanova and Don Seib. Drawing for the donated artwork will be at 4:30 pm on Sunday and all proceeds benefit the CNY Art Guild Student Scholarship Fund.

For more information go to: http://www.cnyartguild.com/ or to my website: KTArtStudio.com

Hope to see some of you there.


Winter As Inspiration

9 Feb Watercolor painting of dead foliage by Katie Turner

Even though this stem was dead, it was very interesting to me.  I really enjoyed the shape, how it looks, wind blown and then having died in that position.  I’m always looking for different things to inspire my paintings.  I’m looking for things that come from strange places sometimes, or even somewhat normal places. People are inspired by all kinds of things; music, places, paintings.  I’d like to know what inspires others.

Roadside Daylilies

31 Aug

Over the weekend I delivered two paintings to the Utica Library.  I’m participating in the Central New York Watercolor Society Signature Show for the month.  The show is filled with amazing watercolor paintings by many Central New York Artists.  I was impressed with how much talent is right here in the local area.  If you like watercolor definitely take the time to visit.  Here are the two paintings I have hanging in the show.

swaying daylilys

Roadside Daylilies #1”
by Katie Turner
Daylilies are a very temporary flower, usually dying within a day. Like the daylily, our cry goes up that life is short and our cup too little filled. Oh to have given others as much pleasure as freely as the daylily.

Roadside Daylilies #2 by Katie Turner Seeing Daylilies alongside the road is like a breath of fresh air. I think some farmer’s wife must have planted them long ago – before they moved. Now I get to enjoy these glimpses of color, left to the wild.

Roadside Daylilies #2
by Katie Turner
Seeing Daylilies alongside the road is like a breath of fresh air. I think some farmer’s wife must have planted them long ago – before they moved. Now I get to enjoy these glimpses of color, left to the wild.

Replenishing Supplies & Shows

8 Jan
soft white and yellow flowers spill across green foliage

“Day 3 Floral” a watercolor painting by Katie Turner


picture of paint palette, water, brushes

Taking stock of your art supplies for the new year.

The new year is a great time for artists to take stock of what supplies are lacking and whats left.  I see a lot of clearance sales both in store and online which make it a perfect time to re-stock art supplies.   With one recent sale, I was able to purchase an entire roll of my favorite paper at half price.  I feel like I’ve been waiting all year to stock up!

For the month of January, three of my paintings (including the one posted above) are hanging with the Central New York Art Guild Show at the Baldwinsville Public Library in Baldwinsville, New York.  The link to their site: http://www.bville.lib.ny.us/  I was thrilled they selected one of my paintings to advertise on their site.

A second show I’m in is the Associated Artists of Central New York “Outside/In” exhibition.  Karen Kozicki, a member of the Associated Artists, and a terrific photographer invited me to show as a guest.  This show opens January 10th and runs through February 28th.  The reception for this show is on January 18th from 2 – 4 p.m. at the Manlius Library where the show is hung.  That library link is: http://www.manliuslibrary.org/

A third show which began in November and will continue until sometime mid-February is a solo show at the Chittenengo Middle School.  This library space is not really accessible to the public (unless special arrangements are made) but is a show geared to the aspiring art students at CMS.


Doing More With Less

29 Oct
Painting of Indian Corn

Traditional Watercolor Painting by Katie Turner Titled “Indian Corn” 16×20

This has become a life theme for me this past year (or maybe two!), as I’m sure, it has for so many others but what about in the studio?  I’ve been careful to watch my budget but not to the point of causing my art to suffer.  I’ve read about some artists that save money by painting on old recycled cereal boxes.  While that is admirable to recycle unwanted items it would be disastrous to use such a substrate for a piece of serious artwork that should last for many years.

Finding other ways to cut corners is important to me.  I’m more selective with the workshops that I attend, weighing the cost and benefits and I also plan which shows I will participate in or enter a year in advance which seems to help with budgeting.  I like to order my watercolor paints when stores are having sales (always comparing online prices) and most of the time I am only restocking my limited palette.  Where I used to rush into buying supplies for a new adventure, now I watch a few online videos and practice playing with only a few supplies first before diving in head long buying too much, too soon.

But regardless of what kind of art interests you, there is a real benefit to buying the best paint and brushes you can afford.  It improves everything.  A great brush is one that can hold its shape so you can control the paint.  The best paint is highly pigmented and a little of the color goes a long way.  You’ll save money in the long run and frustration will be held at bay.