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Pierre Bonnard’s Little Studio

27 Apr
Quiet Walk

Quiet Walk (2017) Watercolor on Terraskin by Katie Turner

Whether an artist has a large or small studio, he or she must find it comfortable enough to create.  I don’t think it matters very much if the space is tiny, messy, shared or cavernous, empty and lonely.  What does matter is if it works for you as a creator.  Some artists need more light or better organization but if that can’t be changed immediately, can creating still happen?  I say, “Of course!”

I read about Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) the French painter and printmaker, one of the later Post-Impressionists and Les Nabis painters.  He was famous for his use of color and interesting use of perspective.  He was not a mystic but drew his art from his memory.

Bonnard had a small cramped studio in which he pinned his canvases to the wall and painted on them unstretched.  He chose this unconventional way, stating that it gave him options to alter the size. He also would paint various combinations of colors by painting them directly onto the plaster walls of the room.  He built extra cupboards for storage and kept his home relatively sparse.

After all, it’s great if you have the perfect space but even if you don’t right now, set aside the excuse, be inspired by Bonnard and get busy with creating.

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Dining Room in the Country (1913) Oil on canvas by Pierre Bonnard.

“Draw your pleasure, paint your pleasure, and express your pleasure strongly.”

~ Pierre Bonnard


Celebrating Life

23 Dec
Watercolor painting by Raoul Duffy

“Still Life” by Raoul Dufy


The holidays are time for relaxing with friends and family and this particular painting by Raoul Dufy seems to reflect that lighter side of life.  Dufy lived from 1877 until 1953 and his style developed over a long period of time.  The watercolor painting above, titled “Still Life” portrays the pleasures of alfresco dining on a summer day.  There is fruit, wine and crusty bread waiting on a pleasant outdoor patio for guests to arrive.  Dufy also painted boating scenes, carnivals, concerts and horse racing.  Let’s celebrate holiday times with joyful memories.