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Sao Paulo Street Art

10 Sep

Recently, I decided to research Sao Paulo Street Art.

Sao Paulo actually means Saint Paul in Portuguese and is the largest city in Brazil.  It is not the capital though.  Brasilia is the capital.  It was founded by Jesuit missionaries in 1554 whose mission was to convert the Guianas natives to Catholicism.  After that, many explorers, gold prospectors and enslavers arrived, pillaging the land, people and missions.  Gold mines and sugar and coffee plantations rose up.  Brazil became independent in 1822.  Many immigrants arrived to the country.  Slavery wasn’t outlawed until 1888.  Today it is a diverse multicultural city that is newly discovering itself culturally and artistically.  It is considered to be cutting edge of art and literature and home to many intellectual & creative people. 

Sao Paulo Street Art

Sao Paulo has many spots to view urban artwork.  Sometimes the street art is used as backdrops for music and fashion photo shoots.

Villa Madalena is a trendy bohemian district that makes it easy to do your own walking tour.

Beco de Batman (Batman Alley) is a long thin winding alley with lots of street art.

Beco de Batman, a popular spot to view street art.

Bambuci is a south-eastern neighborhood and the birthplace of two of Sao Paulos most famous street artists Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo (The Twins)  These brothers have been painting since 1987.   Some of their work now appears in galleries.  There are many other artists, including CIRO, Patapios, Kobra, and many others.

The street art originated in the 1970s as a vehicle to communicate political views by students, artists and intellectuals in the poor Paulistano neighborhood of Madalena.  These artists were in direct defiance of the government.

Today Vila Madalena is one of Sao Paulos most sought after, trendy neighborhoods.  Everyone wants to live there.  The street artists have made a name for themselves through their vibrant artistic statements.

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