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Painting on the Edge

29 Dec


“Three Dancers in Yellow Skirts” by Edgar Degas c. 1891

Degas is one artist that is widely recognized to be among the first to break from traditional composition with his arbitrary edges.  Similar to how a photograph has edges which cut the broader landscape, Degas makes a sharp cut in his painting, “Three Dancers in Yellow Skirts” above.  Of course edges in a painting are far less arbitrary due to control by the painter, but I see this as a fun challenge and a great opportunity for experimentation and creativity.


Art Rewards

19 Dec
floral watercolor

“Garden Visit” painting done with watercolor on paper

For me, art as a life style is more about choosing to look at the world in a different way.  Creating provides me with lots of deep satisfaction and contentment.  Creating is fun and exciting and I find ways to make it part of everyday.  The rewards of being an artist, a creator far outweigh the disappointments and rejections.