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Inspiring Mothers

29 Jun
brown barn painting

Watercolor Painting by Faith Fritz

faith sitting at clothesline show

Faith Fritz at an art show 1970s

landscape painting by faith fritz

Watercolor painting by Faith Fritz


Some mothers are creative.  My own passed away a few years ago and I feel like I’m quite lucky because she was very artistic.  Her favorite medium was watercolor although she did work in other mediums as well.  I’ve enjoyed looking through old slides of her work – long gone.  Only a few paintings are left and some old sketches and notebooks.  But it’s incredibly inspirational to me looking through her artwork.  I’m sure other artists are inspired by their mothers and other loved ones in their lives.  It gets me to thinking – will I be an inspiration to my children?  Maybe…  I hope so.  Meanwhile, I am all for creating as much as we can while we are here.  I encourage those around me to pursue their passions – art or science or whatever gets them excited.



Acropolis Inspiration

2 Jun
Watercolor painting of Akropolis, Turkey

Acropolis Away, Watercolor on paper by Katie Turner. Inspiration from Turkey.

I was inspired a while ago after my daughter’s trip to Turkey.  From the pictures she sent back home I was intrigued by the ancient ruins of architecture and untouched beauty of the Turkish countryside.  In this quick painting I portray the emotions felt after looking through pictures of Acropolis of Athens.  There is so much history in this place.  I think about the different reasons ancient people traveled there.  Some may have traveled to the temples seeking to heal their mind and body.  I drew on background scenery and went more abstract with my watercolor.