Wolves Don’t Lose Sleep

25 Apr
Charcoal Sketch of female angel

“Angel #5″, Charcoal 20″x16”, Katie Turner


“Wolves Don’t Lose Sleep over the Opinions of Sheep” was a phrase Samuel Wolfe Connelly used in a video documentary by Kristin Taylor on YouTube from 2013.  In this video he explains this is a phrase he uses to encourage himself to keep on doing great art and not to be discouraged by opinions or comments of others. That’s something we all can keep in mind, particularly if we create art.

I had the chance to meet this artist on Friday at a Business Luncheon sponsored by the State University of New York at Fredonia. It was held at Fredonia’s Technology Incubator Office in Dunkirk where there is also a small gallery down the hall. Sam spoke about his art, how he handles galleries, commissions and problems. He encouraged students not to give up. After his talk I was able to visit the current Art Exhibit featuring some very talented Fredonia college students (Michael Fridmann & Heather Radford were the featured students). A new Art show of the Dunkirk High School students will begin May 31st.

Sam Wolfe Connelly is a New York City based artist and illustrator. Although he is fairly young, he has accomplished a lot in a short time since he finished his schooling at Savannah College of Art and Design. His illustrations have appeared on covers of books published by Penguin and the London Folio Society editions of “The Great Gatsby” and “Emma”. He also designed a movie poster for Natalie Portman drama “Black Swan” and SpectreVision’s “The Boy” as well as album cover for Howard Shore score for the David Cronenberg film “Scanners”. His list of publication credits includes Scientific American, the New York Times and Marvel Comics. He is represented by Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco and Arcadia Contemporary in New York City.

With all of these accomplishments as a fine artist and commercial artist, I actually was most impressed with how modest he came across and how candid he was with his presentation. I hold firm to the belief that I can learn something from each artist, no matter their background, medium, subject or age. He was very approachable and hung out for a while after to meet the students and answer more questions.

Sam Wolfe Connelly was an inspiration to me and I am so glad I took the time to attend this event and meet him.

If you’d like to check out the video from 2013: https://youtu.be/o57D3zSxZ94
His website: http://samwolfeconnelly.com/
And a YouTube video of him demonstrating his graphite technique at Syracuse University: https://youtu.be/yYkqbEkq-JY




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