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Creative Resolutions

8 Jan
pot of flowers, painting in watercolor

Watercolor by Katie Turner

We all know how it is with New Year’s Resolutions – we start out with good intentions and after a few months, we have forgotten about them.  I was thinking about what goals I have for myself this year.  Many of us artists come up with wanting to paint more but I know many artists don’t have a lot of time and aren’t able to make a big commitment.   So how can an artist incorporate more creativity into their life without a huge time commitment?  How about 15 minutes of creativity a day?  Here are some unique ways to get started with a quick creative 15 minutes.

  • Select an article in your room and draw it upside-down
  • Borrow an art book from the Library for inspiration
  • Paint with tea (yeah, this is weird!)
  • Try drawing a cartoon of your spouse or child or pet
  • Draw out the alphabet using an object that starts with the letter
  • Draw cartoon numbers
  • Talk with an artist friend about art you love
  • Draw on something you normally wouldn’t
  • Experiment with a new medium
  • Check out what other artists are doing with a new medium on YouTube or Instagram
  • Sketch your Morning coffee cup with the timer on – 15 minutes or less!
  • Come up with fun and challenging ways to practice sketching


Creative thinking is so important for an artist and helps an artist to grow.  I resolve to be more creative every day and I hope you will too.