French Impressionists Deliver Inspiration

20 Jul
dancer by degas sketch by Katie Turner

Degas Sketch by Katie Turner

Dreamer painting sketch by Katie Turner

Sketch of Chagall painting – Dreamer – by Katie Turner

The Joyous Festival sketched by Katie Turner

Sketch of Gaston LaTouche painting – The Joyous Festival – by Katie Turner

Sketch of renoir painting by katie turner

Sketch of Renoir painting – The Wave – by Katie Turner

Watercolor sketch by Katie Turner

Watercolor Sketch of Marc Chagall’s Bouquet of Flowers with Lovers 1927 by Katie Turner

It’s fun to take a field trip once in a while and summer is the perfect time for it.  I drove about an hour to Utica, New York  for the “Monet to Matisse: The Age of French Impressionism” show at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute.  My watercolor sketches above show a couple of my absolute favorites.  You can get an idea of how I sketch – I do make some notes on the colors, and I really only sketch my favorite parts of the paintings in order to remember.

I found the show very inspirational.  I can’t believe I can get that close to these original paintings and really soak them in.  The tour/talk the gallery offers is terrific but I went back and spent another hour just sitting in front of my favorite paintings and really studying them.  I pulled out my sketchbook and got busy because the gallery doesn’t allow pictures.  I spent some time roaming around other rooms after a delicious lunch at the gallery café and discovered a tiny room with Pratt Student works.  I was very impressed with the amazing work these students had on display.  There were paintings, sketches, collage, 3-D objects with moving parts and more.  These talented students were:  Maxine Greij, Nichole Hess, Jared Diaz, Caleb Wesley Young Shelton, Taisha Carrington, Ji Hye Kim, Madaline Gardner, Adam Heisig, Ching An Wu, Ruby Ann Munoz, Francesca Volerich, Shannon Nisiewicz, and Adrianna Enoch.  For those who live in the area, make sure you check out the student’s work and the Impressionists show.  You will definitely be inspired!


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