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Out of My Sketch Journal

30 Apr
sketch of castle loma

Sketch from Artist Journal by Katie Turner

sketch of high rise buildings in city

Sketch from Artist Journal by Katie Turner

Sketching is as vital as breathing to me.  Without it I don’t have the tools or practice I need to produce the art that is swimming in my head.  Daily sketching, daily creating, daily art is important to me.  Here are a couple of sketches I did recently.  I will sketch with anything but my current favorite is the Uni-Ball Signo pen from Japan.  It’s got a thick black solid line that just makes me want to keep drawing.  I do have Micron, Faber-Castell Pitt and several others and there are also the multiple pencils but the Signo is my new favorite.  Happy sketching to you.




Demonstration in Chittenango, New York

20 Apr
article about K Turner Demonstration

Page 13, “The Pen Woman” Magazine Spring 2015

This is a copy of an article that came out in the most recent Spring 2015 edition of “The Pen Woman” magazine.  “The Pen Woman” is the quarterly periodical of the National League of American Pen Women based in Washington, D.C.  The group includes all kinds of professional creative women – writers, poets, artists, musicians, dancers, etc.  More information on the group can be found at

Demonstrating at Chittenango School was as much a benefit to me as it was to the students.  The students have a wealth of ideas, questions, inspiration and energy.  The program which Karen Tashkovski (also a professional artist) has arranged for them is beneficial in so many ways.  Exposing them to various arts and artists early in their lives; creating future art aficionado; giving them a peek into the window of the life of an artist.   It was a terrific experience for me and I would love to help students again in the future.  Karen Tashkovski’s website is:

Katie Turner’s website is: