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What I’m Working on Today

27 Mar
sketch on paper of tray of vegetables

Doing the sketch for a still life.

painting of veggies

Working on still life.

finished picture of veggies

First painting completed.

second picture of veggies.

Second painting completed.  Watercolor on Terraskin paper.

I found the shapes and colors of these vegetables intriguing.   First I sketched the shapes and painted a quick picture in my large size paper pad.  Next, I got out a piece of Terraskin paper, cleaned it off well (finger prints repel watercolor paint) and started painting shapes.  I did not sketch onto the Terraskin this time.  You can see the finished picture above.  I want to say “finished” but the truth is,  I keep going back to it adding things and removing things.  I’ll probably put it away for a while and then come back to it and see if there is anything I need to change.  Now I’m ready to take those delicious looking vegetables into the kitchen to create something fantastic.