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A Seasonal Journal

14 May
natural sketches

Page from my sketch book.

fall countryside scene

Another page from my sketchbook.

Keeping a sketch journal for an entire year can be a great way to view the changing outdoor seasons.  The trick to keeping this going (and growing) is in choosing places that are bound to the regular seasonal changes.  For example, sketching the same tree in your neighborhood, will give you a chance to see the way it changes through the entire year and even the creatures that visit it, feed from it or nest in it.

Some artists take the seasonal nature journal one step further and keep a record of the moon’s movements in the journals pages.  They focus on the color changes over time or the varying cloud formations.  They may even take note of the sky and how the state of the sky affects your moods.  Paying attention to these things can help an artist realize an array of changes.  Colors in the sky, I’ve noticed, for instance, change in different seasons and colors on the ground change due to natural or even man-made events.

I like to keep journals but I fill them with all kinds of sketches – ones from nature outside as well as from photographs and urban settings too.  Whatever you choose to sketch will improve your art.


I’m So Lucky!

2 May
working on a watercolor painting in my studio

This is the next one I’m working on.

I’m truly blessed that I can paint everyday.  It’s great to be able to do something I really love.   Yes, even when the painting isn’t working out and every thing is going wrong, I’m still lucky to do this.