Monoprinting without a press

21 Jan
picture of models, red background

This is a monoprint created with several handcut stencils and acrylic paints.

paynes gray background, white tree

This is a monoprint using acrylic paint and a store bought mask.


Several layers of acrylic paint are used to create this background monoprint paper.

Since the holidays I’ve been experimenting with a Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate.  This is a medium size sheet of rubber (feels like firm jello) used for printing by a company named Gelli Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  I’ve been using stencils I purchased from several different vendors online and having a lot of fun playing.  I do use stencils in some of my watercolor paintings but many of these new ones, I haven’t tried yet.   I gave a lot of the new stencils a run on the Gelli printing plate.   I have yet to try a “make your own stencil” kit which was purchased for me as a gift over the holidays.  I was making all my own stencils using those plastic sheets that comes in packaging, such as bacon.  The thick plastic makes wonderful stencils.  I also like to collect different packaging products that make unique impressions when I stamp with them.  So trying the “make your own kit” should be interesting.



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