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More Monoprints

28 Jan
green & brown leaf print

This is a monoprint created with a couple of stencils and acrylic paint.


girl, green background

This monoprint was created using a handcut mask (girl) and a store bought stencil pattern.


bright blue and soft pink background paper with blue leaves standing tall

This monoprint was created using several layers of acrylic paints and a leaf stencil and several plant stencils.

These are photos of a few more of my monoprints that I recently made with the new Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate.


Monoprinting without a press

21 Jan
picture of models, red background

This is a monoprint created with several handcut stencils and acrylic paints.

paynes gray background, white tree

This is a monoprint using acrylic paint and a store bought mask.


Several layers of acrylic paint are used to create this background monoprint paper.

Since the holidays I’ve been experimenting with a Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate.  This is a medium size sheet of rubber (feels like firm jello) used for printing by a company named Gelli Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  I’ve been using stencils I purchased from several different vendors online and having a lot of fun playing.  I do use stencils in some of my watercolor paintings but many of these new ones, I haven’t tried yet.   I gave a lot of the new stencils a run on the Gelli printing plate.   I have yet to try a “make your own stencil” kit which was purchased for me as a gift over the holidays.  I was making all my own stencils using those plastic sheets that comes in packaging, such as bacon.  The thick plastic makes wonderful stencils.  I also like to collect different packaging products that make unique impressions when I stamp with them.  So trying the “make your own kit” should be interesting.


In The Frame #19

13 Jan
zine cover

Cover page of In The Frame #19. Handmade limited edition zine by artist.


page 1 & 2 of zine

Inside pages of ITF #19.


Inside pages of zine

Article in ITF #19.

I’m happy to announce that I finished another zine – this one is issue #19.  The theme of this zine is Arts and Crafts and has several articles and enclosed ephemera.  I included instructions on how to make your own custom paper clips, an article on working with wax (for beginners), how to make picture frame ornaments with templates, transparent art and more.  I will have it posted up on my website soon and available for sale.  I will slowly post older zines on my website as I have time, but many of the early zines are sold-out or only in very limited quantities.   Making zines is so labor intensive that I only produce 75 issues, so they don’t last to long.