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Doing More With Less

29 Oct
Painting of Indian Corn

Traditional Watercolor Painting by Katie Turner Titled “Indian Corn” 16×20

This has become a life theme for me this past year (or maybe two!), as I’m sure, it has for so many others but what about in the studio?  I’ve been careful to watch my budget but not to the point of causing my art to suffer.  I’ve read about some artists that save money by painting on old recycled cereal boxes.  While that is admirable to recycle unwanted items it would be disastrous to use such a substrate for a piece of serious artwork that should last for many years.

Finding other ways to cut corners is important to me.  I’m more selective with the workshops that I attend, weighing the cost and benefits and I also plan which shows I will participate in or enter a year in advance which seems to help with budgeting.  I like to order my watercolor paints when stores are having sales (always comparing online prices) and most of the time I am only restocking my limited palette.  Where I used to rush into buying supplies for a new adventure, now I watch a few online videos and practice playing with only a few supplies first before diving in head long buying too much, too soon.

But regardless of what kind of art interests you, there is a real benefit to buying the best paint and brushes you can afford.  It improves everything.  A great brush is one that can hold its shape so you can control the paint.  The best paint is highly pigmented and a little of the color goes a long way.  You’ll save money in the long run and frustration will be held at bay.